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Baby split: The 2-7 or 3-10.
Baby split with company:
The 2-7-8 or 3-9-10.

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NMAA/NMHSBA Annual High School State Championships: Featured Videos!

The recent State Championship that took place Feb. 11, 2012 brought some great action from our student bowlers!

Cleveland Storm bowling head coach, Jim Tillery, was mentally exhausted after leading and encouraging his eight-person squad to their third straight state championship in 5A at Tenpins & More. They beat Eldorado, Volcano Vista, Rio Rancho and Mayfield after leading the qualifier with 3,016 (201.0 average per bowler per game) over Manzano 2,759 (183.9), Rio Rancho 2,745 (183.0) and Mayfield 2,627 (175.1).

The team never dropped a game, going 2-0 in each round, a testimony to the coaching technique Tillery and his assistants instilled in the youth over the past 17 weeks. As in the football finals, Mayfield and Rio Rancho took the second and third place trophies.

Three of Tillery's group were named to the All-State team, being Janeyl Carper, Josh Helmick and Tim Baribeau. Other local area bowlers so named included Ben and Olivia Stedman, Rebecca Finch, Hannah Dowd and Brittany Leiby, while Bryan Nogan received honorable mention.

Manzano's Sabrina Vargas, Brandon Gill and Ryan Hensel were also added to the All-State team. East Mountain beat Pojoaque 2-0 in 3A and Artesia beat Los Lunas 2-0 for the 4A title. Tillery's next task is to ready the US/NM squad for upcoming matches against the visiting Australians at Tenpins & More from March 7-9. Practice sessions start this week.

Here are some featured strikes:

Janiel Carper creating space at the end of the lane....
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And here's Tim Tibeaux knocking down everything!
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And not to be outdone, here's Jared DiDeminico making a strike!
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Last but not least, we have John Abrahamson clearing the lane!
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